Sunday, April 4, 2010

Birthday's today....

We have a few birthday's today. My Grandson Matthew turns 14 and as I think of it it makes me feel old or at least older!  I will be getting on the phone with him soon.  Happy Birthday, Matthew! 

Joyce Schmalz will be celebrating her birthday too.  Joyce is my sister Sharon's Mother-in-law and she will recieve her Quilt today! I am excited. I can not wait to here what she thinks! 

Happy Birthday, Joyce!

On to the next project......This is a new block for me! It's called "Lover's Knot" and I will be making several wallhangings or lap quilts for some other birthdays which will be coming up in spring and early summer.

I made this one two weeks ago and  I took it with me when we visited Shawn and Amber last weekend.  I wanted to make sure that the colors would work with thier bedspread.  Much to my surprise, Amber decided to re-redecorate their bedroom. Oh, holy crap! Now what?

When we were there at Christmas, Amber had gotten a new bedspread so I made a mental note and collected fabric for her wallhanging accordingly.  Now she has a totally different color scheme. Oh my, I never thought that I would run into this problem!  I had already started my next one which would be a "Lover's Knot" project  for Kyle and Christa. It has some special fabric which reminded me of Kyle!  ... Amber's birthday is in May. Now what?

This week I found some new fabric but will I have enough time to do it...I hope so. I will have to get right on it! Will get the fabric washed and ready to go so I can work on it this week.  Since I will be in Michigan and Boston the week after next I have alot to do!  And now I guess I have an extra Wall hanging.  Oh heck, I'll find someone to give it too! 

Happy Easter to all, Happy Birthday to some and happy sewing to the rest......I guess I better get busy, time is a wasting... May your seams be straight and your colors bold and beautiful!