Friday, January 23, 2015

Michael Miller, BOM a move and a very busy few months...

Sorry it has been so long since I have been here.  We have moved...Need I say more...Moved from Illinois to Michigan...Packed my stash last and.... unpacked it last too since I had so many other things I need to get unpacked to just setup a household!  Never want to do a move that is that far away again!!!  Not at my age...

Quilting the Michael Miller Bag

The completed bag.
 So the Michael Miller Challenge project got finished..but my BOM did not.  It has become a great bag to haul Quilt projects to my new quilt group. I have stumbled unto a great group of quilters and we sew two Wednesdays a month.  

In  the mean time,  our family is grow rather rapidly so I have been making baby Quilts...One for a Grandson, Ryan Declan Diamond, one for a Great Grandson, Landon Alexander Tietz and one for a Great niece, Isabella Grace Semp.  Two are complete and one needs to be quilted yet.  I can show you Ryan's because he has received it.  I'll send Landon's soon and after I know he has it I'll post it here. 

 Was a cute little Noah's Ark print that I was saving just for the right baby and along came Ryan. 
Close up view

Label and Minky back

I backed it with Minky and added the label.  Turned out really cute.  I hope he loves snuggling with it when he's a bit older.  It is big enough for a toddler bed.

The long arm moved successfully and is now in my basement.  The laser doesn't work...I will have to look into fixing that. I got a new  SWF Compact Embroidery machine which I have not been able to get to the basement yet.  It is in the garage and man is it cold out there so...I have not used it much. I think I will hire a big burly moving crew in the spring to get it to the basement...

I'll try to do better about blogging.  Hope you are having a creative winter!

Happy Sewing,