Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring has arrived in Fox River Grove .....

...and I have spent a great deal of time this winter sewing and quilting….I did not realize that I had so many things to complete! Binding, Binding and more binding!!!

I guess I got caught up in the "making" of the projects…Got them quilting and piled them in my sewing room to bind them but got backed up on the finishing!!! I really need to let Lucy help me with this. It is really just a mindset change. Either sewing machine is capable if doing the binding job. It is just putting your mind to it and finishing on a rainy spring day, I did!

So here you go…I finished a few of my Halloween projects from the fall!  Now I will really be ready for next October! I am not rushing it…just ready!

Now that is Halloween! 
Everyone needs a dancing witch!

And a ghost in the yard and a stranger in the hallway!  Cute little panel for over the fireplace!

And last but not least, who would not want to play checkers with this cute Halloween set. I think I need a couple more buttons but I have time! Happy sewing…Now that I have totally finished my late fall and winter stuff we’ll start on spring!

Love Jan