Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quilts from Tee Shirts....

I thought maybe you might like to see a quilt made from Tee Shirts...Concert Tee shirts!  This was my first Tee shirt quilt.  It was a challenge by a friend . She was moving to Texas and decided to leave the shirts for me to make a quilt out of them...So I did. Needless to say...I learned ALOT...about what  to do and what not to do when making a Tee shirt quilt... but it was fun.  I mail the Quilt to her last week and she got now I can put it on the blog and will not spoil the surprise.  She loved it!

During the quilting process with Lucy!
Used Sheet music fabric for the around each block...
"The Boss"
After it was quilted.

Not quite a queen size
 Cate has seen many awesome concerts in her life time.  Bruce, the Boss,  Bon Jovi, the Stones, the Who, Peter Gabriel, U2...oh my goodness...I would love to have seen these concerts...Looking at the quilt will give her great memories everyday and it ought to keep her warm during the cool Texas winter months!

Lots of memories...
After completing the quilt top, I visited a local quilt shop in Barrington, Illinois.   From across the room, a close friend called out to me from a bolt of fabric.  His name was Cody.  Cody was a Border Collie who was Cate's best friend in the world!  It was because of Cody that she and I met years ago.  This bolt of fabric made the perfect back for Cate's quilt. 

When she moved to our neighborhood, she and Cody walked every day to the park down the street from my house.  One day we lost a big tree in our front yard and a short while later Cate and Cody came walking by.  As I stood looking at the mess in my front yard, Cody scampered up to me as if he had known me for all his life!  And from that day until the day he died, Cody repeated this routine hundreds of times with the same enthusiasm and love!  He loved my bridge, he loved my porch, and he loved me...I knew I was a second choice for Cody but he made me feel so special.  The simple unconditional love of a dog!  There is nothing more special than that! 

So this quilt is called "Cate' s True Loves" after her favorite music and Cody, her dog. 

Happy Quilting!

Love,  Jan