Saturday, March 24, 2012

Using different tools...

It has really been a while since I wrote anything for my blogs but it is because I have been so busy DOING other stuff...Some really creative other stuff to... I am due for a sew day though. My machines are calling me.

I have been using different tools these days. Paint brushes, trowels, sponges and masking tape....Some times a screw driver, drill and an occasional power tool!!!! We are transforming some of the rooms in our 110 year old house into nicely remodel rooms.  We are hoping that we can sell it this summer to a family who can fill it up! So would you like to see what we have been doing?

So lets have a look at the first project. It was the walk in pantry.  It is a nice walk in Pantry which had out dated wallpaper and it needed a nice new coat of paint.   I emptied most of the pantry into the dining room to give me room to work. It is not so easy to live in a house during big remodeling projects.  And you sure can not clean...There just seems to be stuff everywhere.

Pantry in the dining room

After emptying the pantry we filled a few holes and I began to paint.

Painting woodwork
I am painting the doors for the upper cabinets and have painted to woodwork and around the window and around the floor and ceiling.   Greg painted the ceiling for me. This room had a lot of hand work that needed to be done...Not many big wall that you can use rollers on.

Starting the walls  - woodwork done.
It took me the better part of a week but it finally got done.


We added some free standing shelves for extra storage.  This project including painting and adding additional shelving after we removed an old built-in desk which did not utilize the space in the pantry very well. While I had everything out of the pantry, I did at a coat of Polyurethane on the floors which added three days to our completion time.

This is the first of several projects that we are working to complete.   Stay tuned and I'll show you the other exciting projects that we have been working on.

Love, Jan