Monday, April 30, 2012

Different month...different room

I cannot believe that a month has gone by since I posted here last...My intention was to post the next episode right away...but...Our next remodeling project became the kitchen.  It really was only weeks between these two projects but spring has arrived and so has all the usual spring activities.

Greg and I began the work on the Kitchen shorty BEFORE the arrival of my siblings for their annual March visit.  They decided that they wanted to help us do some remodeling and I will not turn down an offer of Pam, Sharon, Michael, Sue and Bob arrived on Thursday and we gave them paint and brushes and we worked! The boys had a pretty big job to do in the kitchen, replace the counter tops.   

Greg and I had already done some major demolition of the old ZBrick backsplash.  If you don't know what ZBrick don't want to and you are a youngster!  Greg and I moved a cabinet up and installed a new over the range microwave before the siblings got here.

Notice the white brick back splash...this is a before demolition photo...but after installing Microwave.

And now you have an after we did the tile work.  What do you think?  We are please with the end result and we hope you like it too..Here are a couple more before and after photos

This is an in-progress picture with the upper cabinet removed before we installed the new Microwave

 And this is the after....

Range/ Oven  corner completed
This is a pretty messy  in-progress photo.  It is a difficult task to try to cook in a kitchen while you are in the middle of a remodel.  And some nights, I said "to heck with it and we ate out!!" Greg has the ceiling just about painted and I have to do the walls above the upper cabinets yet.  The white stuff draped on the cabinets are drop clothes that we would drape over the upper cabinets to try to control the paint mess.  Greg is a more careful painter than I am.

As you can see, we still have a Microwave sitting on the counter which took up way too much space.  So that is why we decided to mount one over the range.  The rest of the "stuff" that you see on the counters is from inside the cabinet which we have off the wall so we can mount the new Microwave to it.  And I believe this is about the time in the project when we decided that the back splash would have to come off.  We had initially been told to leave it and put the mortar and tile over it!

Dishwasher and Refrigerator Corner.
 And this is the after!

Later, Jan