Friday, May 27, 2011

It’s the wedding time of the year….

It's spring, the wedding time of year.  So I thought I would show you one of the things I make for weddings, anniversaries and other family celebrated events….Baby announcements and christening announcement are pretty also.

And then there are special Anniversaries too!

I open my digitizing software and create a design from the phrases used in the wedding invitation. I use the colors of the wedding for thread choices if I know them or the favorite colors of the bride and groom.  You can also use the colors that the couple will be using to decorate the home. Or as in these Golden Aniversary pair, I used beautiful gold thread.

These are wonderful personalized gifts!  Let me make one for you to give to your next bride, new mom or family celebration. 

Happy Sewing!

Love, Jan  

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weeds are growing and there is no time to sew…

The weeds are growing and I am frantically trying to keep them at bay!  A couple of weeks back we bought mulch during the Home Depot Mulch sale!  One hundred and eighty, (yep…180)  of them.. Greg made three trips with the truck full.   Last week we had 32 bags of yard waste for the garbage pickup and 13 this week…I have put down 80 bags of mulch … is no wonder I am so tired….

We have split all the Hostas in the front flower beds and gave many of them to neighbors and friends or relocated them to a new place in the yard.  I have a few left to relocate and a wagon to put out by the driveway for 2 bucks each! Today a neighbor brought me 8 large variegated Hostas that I will plant next week and a couple of Woodland Poppies!

We have a whole in the front yard where we had to remove a tree last year.  I found the tree that will fill the whole!  It is a beautiful Red Japanese Maple from Home Depot.  Wednesday we stopped to look at them and they were $140.00.  I told myself that was too much money…Later I got an email from Home Depot and found that on Thursday that Japanese Maple went on sale for $90.00 in the new weekly ad.  So yesterday Greg and I went and got one. Next week we will be planting the new tree.  For now it is hanging out in our two wheeled cart next to the garage.

On the sewing front, last week I quilted a wall hanging with Lucy!  She like the exercise and so did I.  We had her all covered up for a few weeks.  We had some tuck point repair work done on the concrete block part of the wall under the windows.  Then we had Euro-Tech come in and replace four windows with some super energy efficient ones. We are currently scraping the concrete blocks to get them ready for a coat of paint. I am hoping to get my studio all redone this summer while the weather is good!  I promise to keep you posted. 

Also did a cute little baby blue blanket for Phineas Stabe!  He is going to live his new blankie!

Happy Spring !

Love, Jan