Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Table Runner fun....

I found this really cute fabric from a Quilter friend I met online.  She had a bolt of it and I fell in love...Now, you all know that I need more fabric like I need a hole in my head but I had this fabulous thought...."It is such a fun summer fabric that I could make table runner out of... and maybe  as a border for a quilt or throw."   Then I thought "maybe it would work for the border of a batik top that I am struggling with"  "It is so colorful and fun I can use lots of my stash to go with it!" all these thought went screaming through my head at the speed of light.  And just as quick I wrote the check and sent it off to Sue!  I waited anxiously for a couple of days for the fabric to arrive!  Oh MY goodness the fabric is as fun as I thought it would be! 

Once I decided to make table runners out of it I had to fussy cut the the borders so that I can turn them 180 degrees from each other so there is no right or wrong side to the table runner. now it's time to pick a back fabric and a coordinate fabric.  I have lots to pick from.   I will then take a 2 inch strip of the back fabric and sew the two borders onto the strip so that they are each facing the opposite direction. Then I cut 2 inch strips of the coordinate fabric and sew it to the two outside edges of my new panel. Then I take the back  and sew it on...

This is my take on the 10 minute table runner...I call it the 20 minute table runner because you are adding a couple more strips to the runner!

So here they are..What do you think?  I gave them to all my sisters and we are loving them!

A tropical flare

Close up of the babes!

My table runner
Aren't they just the cutest!  I still have a couple more that I need to send to people and I can make 5 more...am thinking I might have to get a hold of Sue and see if she wants to sell any more of the bolt that she has because I think I could even think of more people who would love one!

Hope you enjoyed it...Happy Sewing

Love Jan