Monday, June 27, 2016

Sisters Sewing Sunday Sessions....

My sister Sue has decided  last fall that maybe she wanted to learn to quilt  since she is now retired and has a bit more time on her hands.  She started out last fall making pot holders...we all learned from Annette Sweet.  A blog of another time....Then she has taken a class or two while she was in Florida and gotten her sewing machine all warmed up.  One day she found this great deal on Jelly Rolls online and decided to by some and have me show here what she could do with them.  She bought a blue roll, a green roll, a red roll, a purple roll and an aqua roll... Even though she did not have a plan for them.  She showed them to me and I suggested that I teach her how to make the Jelly Roll Quilt.  As it turned out each roll was really more of a half a roll. They each had 20 2.5 inch strips. A traditional Jelly Roll which consist of 42 2.5 inch strips of fabric.  But we could combine them and a bit of fabric from my stash and we would have enough. So we scrounged through my stash to find a fabric that would go with the jelly roll and found a cute floral that would work.

We asked the other two sisters, Sharon and Pam, if they want to join us...and before we knew it, it was ....Jelly Roll Time.  We picked a Sunday afternoon after church. At 1 PM, they arrived promptly all ready to Jelly Roll.  Some quilters race while they make these but since the two of the girls were making their first Jelly Roll quilt would just be a stroll for this afternoon.  Sister Sharon (not the nun...) has made two of these before but it has been a long time!

Sitting room sewers - Sharon and Sue
Dining room sewers - Jan and Pam

Pam ironing

An afternoon full of laughter, jokes, and reminiscing. No fighting over sewing machines like when we were kids...We all had our own.  I think this will likely be an event that we will repeat again sometime!

Our completed tops.
We all need to find border fabrics.  When completed they make a nice size throw for the back of a couch!

So if you have a bunch of sisters...who sew... have them over some afternoon and make a Jelly Roll quilt.  in a few short hours you will have a quilt top made.

Happy Sewing,


Stack N' Wack

Our Wednesday Quilt group got on a binge this winter and we decided to do Stack n' Wacks.  and we did alot of them.  Personally I only did one but several of the ladies did more than one. Mine is called "Running with the wind."  It was a horse fabric. The background fabric was way outside of the box for me.  It was a pumpkin or paprika blender fabric which would not normally be a color I would look for but it was perfect with these block.

Initial Layout without corners and insets.

With borders
 The first border is a light teal blue and the large outer border is a great choice which that brought out all the colors in the blocks except the darkest browns and black.

Close up of blocks

Fabric was of horses

After completing this quilt I can see why so many of the girls decide to do more than one.  They are addictive. Once I get it quilted...I'll post a picture again...

Happy Sewing,


Quilting on Wednesday with my Quilt group

I thought I would show you some of the stuff I have been doing.  Did a donation quilt for the local hospital.  Well, My sister had the quilt all I did was quilt.  But it was fun anyway.

I have found a wonderful group of ladies to sew with  bi-weekly on Wednesday.... We meet on the First and Third Wednesday of the month to sew. (sometimes more often) It is an open can work on what ever your current project is. Or if you need to finish something from a class you took...And sometimes we have classes.  Last winter we worked on a Rapid Fire Hunter Star... It was a class that several of the ladies took in the Marlette Quilt shop.Then they came back and show us how to make one too.  It is a two fabric quilt and I was bound and determined to use fabric from my stash.  I had a great oriental fabric that fit the bill!

Sewing production style at home...I got it finished and set out once again to find a border. This time I was looking for a small inner border...Never did find anything I liked so I decided to not have one.  I just sewed on the wide border from my original oriental peacock and called it good!

 Here is the block.  And  then the quilt top with all the blocks put together while deciding on the borders... This one is waiting for me to quilt this winter too.  With the garden and all the yard work...there just isn't as much time to quilt on the long they become winter projects...

I had so much trouble deciding on an inside border that I left it off all together.

(this is a blog I wrote last fall and forgot to post during my busy garden harvesting now I have even more projects that I need to quilt...

Happy sewing!