Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More Bright Baby Quilts

I have been working on Baby Quilts of late.  I have finished them all, they have been sent and received so now I can show them to you.

Last fall I found some really sweet Jelly Rolls (on sale) that I thought would make great quilts for the three new babies due to arrive starting in early December and continuing into January of 2015.  I knew that one was suppose to be a little boy and one was suppose to be a little girl.  Which made picking these Jell Rolls and easy decision.  I found them on sale a Missouri Star Quilt Company.   If you have never visited their site, you ought to. (right now!) Sign up for their daily specials. I love this company and Jenny..... more on that later....back to my blog after getting a bit side tracked.

 As it turned out Landon Alexander Tietz was the first to arrive in November.  He caught me off guard since I was expecting him in mid December.  I had the quilt top maqde but it was not quilted yet!  He arrive November 19, 2015.  Landon is my first Great Grandson.  I had hoped to get Landon's quilt done before Christmas so his Aunt Elizabeth could take it home to him but the holiday mad house got in the way.  I sent it  to him in mid January instead.  I used a pretty blue Minky on the back.  It makes a baby quilt so soft!

Landon's Bright Quilt
Merry Christmas from Great Grandma Jan

Then came Isabelle Semp, my great niece, who arrived on December 17.  She was a little passed her due date.   Isabella got this sweet pastel quilt last week while her Grandma Pam and I were in Florida visiting our sister.  Derek tells me that it goes great in her room. She is a sweet little girl.  I'll have to ask the proud parents if I can post a photo of each of them.  Gotta ask first these days.

Bella's Sweet Pastel

I used Purple Minky on her quilt.  I gave her a purple baby blanket too. With any luck at all she will love purple as much as I do! 

 Things have finally settled down into the dead of winter..... and I have plenty of projects to keep me busy.  I am planning to get more blogging in to show you what I have been working on.  So stay tuned!

Happy Sewing!