Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Colors of Nature

This summer sure has been busy. It always brings yard work and beautiful flowers. This summer was special because it brought us a baby deer. I spoke about it in my previous blog but thought I would add “the ending” here.

Along with the baby deer, we also had relatives from Denmark come to visit this summer.  Bjarne and Ingrid arrived on June 29th and planned to go on our annual Smith Camping trip with us. We were scheduled to leave on the 2nd of July.  Since we would be in Michigan over the Fourth of July, we had encouraged the baby deer to leave the back yard before we left and had hoped that they(mother and baby) would stay away.  Greg mowed the lawn and we secured the fence certain that the baby deer would not be able to get into the yard again.

Well they found their way back into the backyard and stayed the whole time while we were gone!
When we returned, Mom was keeping a watchful eye on us.  I am sure that she loved the quiet back yard while we were gone.

The Baby rests peacefully in the yard right out in the open.

When Mom decided to leave the yard, the Baby who is getting stronger and bigger every day is pretty frantic.  He want to go with Mom in the worse way.  So we open the side gate and show him the way! They come back to visit regularly,  watching us from across the street.  The baby is too big to squeeze through the gap in the fence and too little to hop over it. Mommy deer knew she had a good thing with all those Hostas in my back yard!
My yard is beautiful this time of the year with all the flowers in bloom.These are my new favorite Petunias for my porch pots, aren't they beautiful?

Oh so pretty! The butterfies and humming birds like these alot!
The moss rose is loving this hot weather this year!

The garden is in it's glory!  It reminds me of the bright fabric waiting upstairs for me to use them in my quilts. I finished a wall hanging top which I need to quilt so I can take it to Ingrid when I visit in September.

Butterflies in the Garden is the name of this piece. It will be given to Ingrid when I go to Denmark in September.
We'll show you when it is finished.  I need to get inspired and quilt it now.. Might have to find a butterfly design or make one...  Let the colors of life inspire you!
Happy sewing!