Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Latest Quilt....Quilt of Change..

Thought I could do a quick new post.  I have been busy investigating long arm quilting machines.  I am planning to buy one to make my quilting easier and to see if I can do what I love for a living.... What a concept!  Love what you do for a living!  Next week we see the APQS Machines....Oh boy!

This quilt was given to my Daughter-in-Law this weekend for her birthday.  Last winter she had redecorated her bedroom. SHe had painted the room and bought a new comforter.  So I made a mental note of the color and her birthday present was born..... I gather the fabrics, selected the perfect quilt block, "Lover's Knot" and put it together.  This spring about 12 weeks later, we visited them and I very carefully brought the not quite finished quilt top to check the colors.  Imagine my shock, when she proudly showed me her new comforter, a different comforter than she had at Christmas!!! I wanted to kick her butt!

I was floored to say the now here I am with an almost completed quilt top and the colors are all different.  I came home and found that I had fabric which would allow me to make her something which matched better but not in time for her birthday, May 7th!  So I decided to go ahead and quilt the original quilt. I would give it to her and she can keep it for a throw and now I will do a smaller wall hanging for the bedroom wall...And I told her , "Do not change your colors on me, OK!"  She laughed and promised she would not.  And by the way she loves her new Quilt

If you look closely you can see the quilting.  This was quilted on my Embroidery machine.. with many hoop changes!!!  I have several others cut out for gifts so there will be more to follow...

Happy sewing!


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