Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 Minute Table Runners

Tis the week before Christmas
And how do I know?
The sewing machines humming,
As I sew and sew…
Daddy is snuggled so neatly in bed
While across the hall,
So many ideas fill my head.

A perfect poinsettia print
from my stash
Will pair well with
the new red plaid,
A pine bough, pine cone and holly gem
Paired with a pretty green fabric from Barrington
A winter scene fabric
from last week’s find
Will blend so well
with the blue of mine.
Stash fabric with
holiday wishes galore
Goes well with a print
used for trim before

A cute little Snowman print
Paired with a fabulous red and white check
Sure to becomes the next great event.

Fabric all paired and laid on the mat
ruler in hand and keep the cutter flat
Press down firmly and cut as you go
Making the strips that we will sew.

With the needle threaded,
And the bobbin full
If power is on
You are ready to go.

Right sides together
Feetdogs are up
Sew the seam on the right
One quarter inch up

The iron is hot
And showing its might
Bellowing of steam
All through the night

Pressing your seams
will make them so nice
a perfect piece, sure to delight

Now it is time to do it again
Left sides together and let us begin
By placing the fabric on the sewing machine
Presser foot resting with the fabric in between.

A push on the foot pedal and off you will fly
Another quarter inch seam on the other side.
Now turn the fabric so the right sides you see
And a press of the iron to the newly sewed seam

On to the third step with a quick little trim
with the rotary cutter on each of the fabric ends
Now they are even and easy to sew
A short little seam on both sides you know…

 And a quick little turn and you are almost there
With a press of the iron, it’s time to declare
The project’s complete  with time to spare
And ten minute table runners are everywhere!

Does that sound familiar? It's nearing Christmas at our house and I am busy making Christmas gifts. And yes have gotten totally carried away with these Ten Minute Table runners. As I scan my stash piles, I see fabric that is just begging to be sewed up. This has to be the reason that I bought this fabric, right?

Well all I can say is that I am not much of a poet but sometimes "the moment"  just calls for a me to try.
So there you have it and I hope you enjoy it!  A Quick little Christmas ditty from Jan!

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy Sewing New Year!
Jan Smith!

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