Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cute Burpers

I thought I would show you these cute little baby burpers I make.  Have made them on and off for years for baby gifts.  When my kids were babies we used cloth diapers. If the baby was not wearing the diaper  then it was a qualified burp rag!  Cloth diaper were too wide so if the baby got a bit excited and kicked up a fuss the diaper got all bunched up underneath them. Do you remember?  The diapers were a bit  too short, it just cover you on the shoulder and chest..  It left your back a bit of a good target….. So I  thought that there had to be a better way.
So they are hour glass shaped with a narrow middle to fit on Mommy or Daddy’s shoulder better. I make them longer for great coverage on the chest and down the back for those occasions when the baby’s burp is more of an urp…

I use nice soft flannel and quilt batting in between. I usually use different colors of flannel on each side so they are reversible . They are cute as a button and all the Mom’s who have them love them..


 As you can see these are all for little girls and they are adorable. Hope you enjoy them!  
Happy Sewing! 

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