Friday, January 29, 2010

Breakfast in Bed

It was May 1977...

I needed a spring wall hanging for the fireplace so I decided to make a second quilt. This time I chose a nine patch pattern which I believe that I got out of a magazine. It was so long ago I can not remember for sure. I found some great purple and green plaid fabric at my Dad’s store in Michigan to start with and since my favorite color is purple it was a perfect fabric to start with. After getting a new sewing machine and completing my first Quilt, I had started to visit fabric stores again. Fabric sure had changed from the days of making baby sleepers and kids clothes and the way people were sewing had too! Gone are the days of making clothes and welcome to Home décor and Quilting. I was able to find a great purple and green floral to use with the purple and green plaid. Next I realized that I had the solid perfect purple to match in my stash.

What sewing I had done in the last few years had been Home Décor like everyone else. I had made a Valance for my bathroom a few months before. I was looking for a scalloped edge valance which reminded me of my visit to Rome. In Rome, at the Trevi Fountain, there was a man selling flowers with a wooden cart. He had beautiful flowers and the cart was covered with a yellow and white scalloped awning. That is what I wanted for my window but mine needs to be in purple and white. When you go to the store looking for some thing so specific, you will likely not find it. And of Course I did not! So I made it.

Add a white fabric and now I have the perfect set of fabrics for my wall hanging.
I am surprised that I still have some of the fabric left! So after a few days of sewing the top was complete. It tool me a bit longer to Quilt it.

I decided that I would quilt it in Purple and White.
So here you are "Breakfast in Bed". 

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