Saturday, January 22, 2011

Back to Basics

I gave you a sneak peek at what I was working on a couple of weeks ago. Well, I finished the nine patch project and I’m calling it “Back to Basics” since the quilt is using basic blocks through out. I decided to use the four patch corners in each block between 4.5 inch window panes which made each block end up being a 12.5 inch block. I took a few days to try to figure out what to do for a border.

I had purchased a Jelly roll of Bali prints called “Spumoni” to use in the 4 patch blocks because I just did not have enough Bali assortments in my stash. I even bought some other Bali fabric to use for a border which I thought might work but later decided against it. I had originally purchased a fabric which featured “Tea cups” and had planned to use at first for the border but the longer I worked on the project I decide that I need to stick to Bali prints instead.

I did keep the original background fabric which I had bought soon after getting my nine patches back last fall. So I decided to a piece simple border using 2.5 inch Bali pieces and 2.5 inch background pieces sandwiched between 2.5 inch background strips for the border.

As I was putting together the border and after I had decided what to call the Quilt I realized that the background fabric that I had been using was actually an RJR fabric from 2006 called “ Back to Basics”!

I hope you enjoy it. Now to figure out how to Quilt it!



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