Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lucy and I tangled...

...the Friday before last and she won ...Lucy : 3    Jan: 0.....  I had a french braid quilt that I was trying to get quilted.  It seemed like it was taking me forever to finish it  I had been teaching myself to use rulers and used many different color threads so it seemed like I was always winding a new bobbin with a different color. While using the rulers your fingers are pretty close to the needle as it I got a bit over confidient....without thinking I decided to "just move this one thread...." 

You guessed it...I sewed my index FINGER!  Ouch!....two holes in my nail and a small nick on the cuticle later!  The first stitch was on the nail before the quick! It has grown out and I was able to clip it off but the second was in the middle of the nail. As you can see from the Photo, the nail is cracked at about the half way I am nursing it in hope that I can get it grown out and not catch it on something first!

Oh, I hate when I do that!  I did it once before with my domestic machine as well...years ago.  Lucky for me it did not bleed immediately. I went into the house, grabbed a piece of paper towel.  I wrapped it tight around the finger and went right back to sewing.  I wasn't about to give Lucy the upper hand!!! No, not really...I just have a back log of quilting I need to do.  I have three donation quilts to do and one for my Mother-in-law.

I finished the quilt and will post it when I have the binding on...

The Monday after I sewed my finger we had a Micro burst wind storm go through our neighborhood. It took down so many trees and lines that on Monday 874,000 people were without power in the Chicago area.  It took 4 1/2 days for our electric service to be put back in place.  Thanks goodness we have generators.  We did not lose food in either the refrig or our freezer but it sure was a pain in the neck after the first day or so. 

So Lucy and I have had a break...and so has my finger...

I'll try to blog a bit more once I get to sewing again!

Happy Sewing!


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