Thursday, November 26, 2015

Quilt of Indecision

I must say I have never had a quilt give me quite as much grief as this one...I bought these charm packs years ago waiting for the right project.  When saw Jenny's tutorial of the Lattice Quilt.  I knew how I was going to use these charm packs! 

Go to and search for Jenny Doan tutorials lattice quilt are going to love it. I also bought her book which has this quilt in it too. So I set out to make it last winter during my Wednesday Quilt group sessions.  I had in my mind thought that I would find a floral to use as a border much like Jenny had used. So I got all the blocks done and thought surely I would find something that would go perfectly...

I looked and looked for border fabric...I must have bought 5 pieces of fabric that I felt certain would work but they were all too busy...Most of them were Batiks...I even sewed some of them on and I did not like any of I ripped them off and kept looking...So here you have it. I found a marble that looked real close to the lattice fabric. is sitting patiently waiting for me to quilt it.(it will get done this winter...

Enjoy, Jan 

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