Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm a little late for Saint Patrick's day...or really early!

In early March I had a house full of visitors. It was so much fun to have company but in order to get ready for their arrival, I stopped sewing for a bit and start cleaning. As a result, I had a pile of green fabric all ready to be stitched but I had to put it away!  So a bit late or really early, here are some really cute ideas for St. Patrick's Day runners that we will get to enjoy next year!!!! 

These are Ten Minute Table Runners except the one on the right with the extra stripes….That would be a Ten PlusTen Minute Table Runner!

I think I could get away with using the Green Hydrangea one in the summer too!

Green, green, everywhere and a wee bit of  orange too!  And luck be with you all! Happy Sewing!


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